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Guess who’s my new favorite couple?!

Raven Symone has reportedly come out of the closet, this according to the website MediaTakeOut. They claim to have gotten the news from the National Enquirer (they NEVER publish anything misleading or false), who are claiming the actress is now officially out. Their report claims:

Sources close to Raven say she’s GAY and has shacked up with AzMarie Livingston, the androgynous beauty seen on “America’s Next Top Model.” The two are living together in Raven’s luxury $11,00-a-month New York City condo.…

She’s at a point now where she doesn’t care what her family thinks, and she’s in love with AzMarie. She’s a lesbian and wants to live that way.”

she was always my role model to begin with



I love her even more now

precious baby

amg azmarie * V * and raven~

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